The Communities of La Casa De La Paz

Aguas Escondidas

This community started with our friends at Casa de Opal. A small group of women began meeting in Agua Escondida.

Baja VeraPaz

This community materialized before we even knew it had started. A former volunteer and friend of La Casa de La Paz moved to Baja Vera Paz and wanted to start a group here. There is a large group of women meeting weekly.

Checoj Huehuetenango

Another new community is springing up here. We are excited about the faith of the women here.



Tucked back into the side of a mountain this community is a beautiful town overlooking the Lake. It took a long time to build relationships that would allow us to be trusted to have a meeting here. Now it is a strong group of women meeting weekly.

Las Vegas

Just up the mountain from Panajachel this community is a newer one which recently has been growing. There are many women who are younger and have little children.

Monte Mercedes

Just down the road from San Isidro is Monte Mercedes. There are many elderly women in the community and families with special needs. The women in this group have a deep faith in God and are strong leaders.


Our first community and where are office is based out of. We have 2 weekly groups that meet. One group for the older women and one for the younger women.


All the way on the other side of Lake Atitlan and up the mountain is the community of Santa Clara. Because of some humanitarian aid trips to the is area the women heard about the work of La Casa de la Paz and wanted to host a weekly group. This community is still in its infancy.

Quetzaltenango / Xela

These women of faith are just joining the La Casa de la Paz family. We are excited for what God might do to help more women come to the life-saving love of Jesus here.

Santa Catarina Polopo

This community started with the faith of one woman saying she wanted a group here. The late Linda Lopez began hosting a group in her families home on the side of the mountain in Santa Catarina Polopo.

Santa Cruz La Barranca

A Very rural community above the village of Santa Cruz is a little place barely known called La Barranca (Or the ravine). Some of them were traveling down to Santa Cruz for their meeting and asked if they could begin hosting a group in their little village.

Santa Cruz La Laguna

This small community is accessed mainly by boat. Because of this it is rather isolated. It rests on the shores of Lake Atitlan.

San Isidro

San Isidro is a small rural village above the department head of Solola. Here we have a vibrant community of women alive in their faith and seeking the Lord together.


Close to the border of Guatemala and Mexico this community is the furtherest out from our main office.